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This is a virtual summit where you can listen to all the expert speakers, gain knowledge and wisdom from your own comfy living room.
I have gathered 20 thought-leaders from the east and from the west to share with you all the ins and outs on how to create your ideal lifestyle and location independent business. No need to dress up to join this summit. No need to book a plane ticket or hotel rooms. No need to pay either it’s all free of charge.


  • Our experts will share with you how to consciously create your own ideal reality
  • They will share with you how to create a location independent business where you can take your business anywhere everywhere!
  • They will share with you their mindset on overcoming difficulties and accomplishing their goals.
  • Our experts will share with you skills, strategies, tactics, resources that you can implement right away to create your ideal life and location independent business.


Browse our collection of Thought Leaders

Steve Olsher

What is your WHAT for your Freedom Lifestyle

Tricia Dycka

Realise Your Ideal Life as an Empath

Okada Shinichi

NEWS! Teachings of Jewish Billionaires for Japanese

Hideaki Sena

Writer, A Conscious Creator

Grace Smith

Close Your Eyes. Get Freedom Lifestyle

ShaChena Gibbs

How to Elevate Your Business with a Membership Network

Kimiko Mogami

Free Yourselves From Emotional Land-mines

Brad Axelrad

Face Your Dragon and Reach your Freedom Lifestyle

Nene Kimura

Ask and It Will Be Given

Yasuo Yamazaki

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind and LIVE

Arvin Khamseh

We are more than our perceived limitations

Sandy Hapoienu

Representing Your Brand

Tatsuo Kono

Traveling Abroad + My Hobby+Business+Internet = Me

Linda Hollander

Top 5 Ways to Get Corporate Sponsors

Kiyomi Mackay

Do what you love, whenever, with whomever, and in wherever you choose to be

Boni Lonnsburry

How to Consciously Create your Freedom Lifestyle.

Chihiro Tanaka

Live Your Freedom Lifestyle Across the Boarders

Nobuo Takahashi

Live Freedom Lifestyle

Tamami Takahashi

How to Successfully Personal Brand as Location Independent Entrepreneur

Linda Beach

Your Freedom Lifestyle: Build a Solid Foundation & Soar!


I am Hiro, the host of International Lifestyle Summit.
I have lived in the US, Mexico, Spain, Mozambique, the UK, and Japan. I loved all the places that I lived and traveled but I was always employed and felt stuck. It was not the freedom lifestyle I wanted.
So this is why I have been on a quest to learn all the ins and outs of creating a dream life and Location Independent business. Join the summit and get inspired!!



If you have any questions about the event or becoming a speaker, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.
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